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Law Firm SEO Services

Improve your website SEO and get more leads. Hire law firm SEO specialists who focus on getting results, not giving excuses.

Keyword Research

I’ll utilize comprehensive keyword research to identify the specific keywords your potential clients commonly use online to search for legal services like yours.

On-Page SEO Optimization

I’ll optimize your website for visibility on search engine result pages using On-page SEO. With this, your future clients will find your law firm’s website with ease.

Link Building and Outreach

Get professional link building and outreach to improve website ranking and traffic. Make Google and potential clients recognize you as an authority in your legal practice area.


Content Strategy & Creation

Populate your website with well-researched, information-packed, and well-optimized content written by qualified and passionate writers in the legal niche

Local SEO Optimization

With an optimized listing in Google My Business and other local listings, your business will show up on location-based search, and you’ll get more clients.

SEO Audits and Strategy

Identify issues obstructing your website’s search visibility; uncover SEO opportunities and stay current with the latest algorithm changes through regular SEO audits and strategy.

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You’re about to hire an SEO consultant for law firms that goes the extra mile to get results!

Personal Injury Lawyer Melbourne

Personal Injury Lawyer Melbourne

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Family Lawyer Perth

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Immigration Attorney Virginia Beach

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Divorce Lawyer In South Carolina

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Employment Lawyer Raleigh NC

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Disability Lawyer Ottawa


Join the hundreds of law firms worldwide benefiting from my expert law firm SEO service.

Julhas Alam is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in local SEO. He has been handling my local SEO projects for over a year, and the results have been impressive.

John Smith

Marketing Manager, Legal Solutions

This guy is the real deal. I admire his passion and willingness to go the extra mile for my projects. 9 months on my project, and I’m already recording over a 3,000% increase in leads.

Sarah Johnson

Marketing Partner, Smith & Associates Law

A friend in Florida recommended Alam 2 years ago. He’s the best law firm SEO expert I have ever hired. Website ranking, traffic and phone calls from clients have increased tremendously.

Mark Davis

CEO, Legal Professionals Inc.

A highly skilled law firm SEO advisor to the core! He greatly contributed to our business by boosting our search engine rankings and making a positive impact on our operations.

Emily Roberts

Head of Marketing, GTX Partners Law Firm

What Is Law Firm SEO?

Law firm search engine optimization (SEO) involves optimizing your law firm’s website for search engines and online visitors. The purpose is to make it more authoritative and trustworthy to Google (and other search engines), improving search ranking and organic traffic.
When the Google algorithm discovers that your law firm website is trustworthy, useful, valuable, and unique, it will ensure your website pops up in organic search results when potential clients search the internet with a keyword related to your practice (e.g., Miami personal injury lawyer).
What are organic search results? These are natural and unpaid results that pop up when potential clients search the internet with certain keywords. For example, if a client searches Google for “Miami personal injury lawyer,” your website would appear on the search result page if you targeted the keyword.

Why Is A High Organic Ranking Important To Your Law Firm?

Ranking high or appearing on search engine result pages makes it easier for potential clients to find your law firm’s website, collect your contacts, and contact you. You’ll start receiving more phone calls and emails from clients and may soon be overwhelmed with cases.
Hiring the right law firm SEO expert will impact your business positively. Your website will be optimized for search engines and for potential visitors to find you easily.
The crux of law firm SEO is to impress search engines to ensure your law firm website pops up in search engine result pages where potential clients can see your website.
Also, remember to impress and engage visitors who land on your page by providing valuable content.
I CAN TAKE YOUR LAW FIRM BUSINESS TO ANOTHER LEVEL ONLINE. I’ll deploy several on-page and off-page SEO strategies to improve your website ranking, traffic, online reputation, and leads.
Let me fix your law firm website’s SEO while you focus on other aspects of your legal practice.

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Why Hire Law Firm SEO Expert?

Want to spend less time marketing your legal service and more time winning businesses and serving clients? You’re in the right place!

Quality Content

Get your website enriched with high-quality content authored by experienced legal professionals in your specific field.

Quick Turnaround Time

Get your projects delivered in record time. You’ll also be updated on the progress of work regularly.

19+ Years of Experience

You’re hiring a passionate, experienced, and skilled Legal SEO expert ready to go the extra mile for you.

10 Benefits Law Firms Get From Law Firm SEO Specialists


Are you contemplating hiring a law firm SEO professional but think there is no need for one? Know this: you need an SEO expert for your law firm website. Alternatively, you can do it independently if you have the time and SEO knowledge. 

An SEO expert will help increase your website visibility, helping potential clients find your law firm and contact you. Check out the other benefits you can get from law firm SEO services. 

1. Time efficiency: SEO is time-consuming. In addition, the job of an attorney is a busy one. Outsourcing saves time and ensures you can focus on serving your clients and keep generating leads.

2. Competitive edge: With proper SEO audit and strategy, you’ll figure out what your competitors are doing to rank and even outrank them. You’ll get higher click-through rates on your site.

3. Improved phone inquiries: Optimizing your Google My Business profile and other local listings will enable potential clients to find your law firm website and contacts, leading to more phone calls and business. You’ll appear in local search results and get more foot traffic.

4. Improved online reputation: Get more positive reviews to help improve your reputation and appear more trustworthy to potential clients.

5. Generate quality traffic: SEO will help you generate quality organic traffic via localized content tailored to your targeted audience. It can also help convert your visitors into leads.

6. Authority building: With best SEO practices, you can establish your firm as an authority in your niche. By so doing, potential clients can trust you with their cases.

7. Low CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost): Getting a customer or client through SEO is far cheaper than paid adverts.

8. Improves organic traffic: SEO makes it easier for interested clients to find you online. It increases organic traffic to your website.

9. Build a solid online brand: SEO will make your law firm more popular online and help convince more potential clients to contact you. Build an online brand that will make your law firm well-recognized locally and internationally with an effective SEO strategy.

10. Clientele Growth: In addition to attracting new clients, SEO will help keep your business at the top of the minds of current and past clients, leading to an increase in repeat patronage and recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check here for questions about Law Firm SEO Expert, or contact us if you need more than the answers provided.

1: What is Law Firm SEO?

Law firm search engine optimization involves using several optimization strategies (on-page and off-page) to help websites of new or existing law firms rank high on search engines, get more organic traffic, and create brand awareness.
The first step is performing an SEO Audit. Just as companies audit their accounts to ensure transparency, an SEO audit will help uncover issues hindering your website’s search visibility ranking and identify SEO opportunities.
After the audit, any professional SEO agency or individual will recommend the best approach you can take to succeed online.
SEO involves keyword research. Keywords are search phrases potential clients enter into search engines to search for information, products, or services online. For instance, the keyword can be “Miami personal injury attorney.” If you target this keyword and adhere to SEO best practices, your website will appear on the search engine result page.
In other words, your website will be among the ones that will appear on the search engine result page when potential clients enter the keyword “Miami personal injury attorney” in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).
SEO includes on-page and off-page strategies. On-page involves what you do on the website to influence search ranking positively. Off-page involves things you do outside your law firm website to help improve ranking, traffic, online reputation and lead generation. An example of off-page SEO is link building.

2. Can You Rank My Law Firm’s Website at #1 For My Chosen Keyword?

Yes, we can! But it will take time to happen, and there is no guarantee it will, as no SEO expert has control over Google or other search engines. However, we have helped numerous law firm websites attain the #1 spot on Google, but ranking at the #1 spot isn’t what Law firm search engine optimization is about.
The main aim of law firm SEO is to increase your caseload. When you start implementing best SEO practices and stay consistent, you’ll start getting more phone calls from potential clients.
So, the aim of any SEO law firm project should be to get your law firm to sign off on more cases. This can be done via local search optimization, on-page optimization, link building, content creation, and more.
Search engine optimization is not a one-off strategy or project. It should be a constant effort so you can appear on search engine result pages for your targeted keywords. Even when you start ranking, you must keep doing what you have done to secure your place in SERPs for the targeted keywords.

3: Why Should I Trust You With My Law Firm’s SEO Project?

Here’s a good question. Firstly, who is Julhas Alam, the brain behind the Law firm SEO expert? Alam is a seasoned and award-winning SEO expert. He has been involved in SEO since 2014 and has helped many businesses succeed online. One of the things that set Julhas Alam apart is his willingness to go the extra mile to get results. He doesn’t like to hear the word “impossible.” His doggedness has helped him deliver results even on SEO projects many weren’t capable of executing.
Julhas Alam is a winner, and his experience handling various law firm SEO projects proves valuable in every project he manages. So, it’s a wise decision to make him your law firm SEO advisor.

4. What Practice Area Will Reap More Benefits From SEO Services For Law Firms?

Every legal practice area will benefit from SEO services. Nevertheless, some practice areas will reap far more benefits than others. These include legal practices such as criminal defense, personal injury law, employment law, and family law. These are the major beneficiaries of SEO services for law firms.
Why do all legal practice areas benefit from SEO? The reason is this. Everyone uses the internet these days to search for information. Most individuals seeking legal representation may use the internet to find a capable attorney.
For example, someone who sustained an injury may search the internet for an attorney capable of representing them in court once the person makes up their mind to take the matter to court. If the person is in New York City, they may use search terms like “New York City personal injury lawyer.”
If you target this keyword, your website will pop up in the individual’s search results for the mentioned keyword, and you may get a chance to handle the person’s case. Yes, just like that.
To learn if your legal practice area can benefit from SEO services and how it can, please get in touch today. Don’t waste more time because your competitors aren’t napping. They are working hard to make their websites outrank yours.

5. What Is the Cost of SEO for lawyers?

Like every successful and worthwhile marketing campaign, understand that SEO isn’t cheap. Besides, it’s not a one-off. If you’re planning a one-off and wish to outrank your competitors who have been making efforts for years, you must re-think.
It would be best if you continued doing whatever took you to the first page to remain in that position or move to the top of the search engine result page.
So, how much does SEO for attorney firms cost? A thorough evaluation needs to be done before any figure can be quoted. Or, if you have an idea of the SEO services you want for your law firm, you can get a quote immediately.
Note: I would like to use this medium to inform law firms looking for attorney SEO experts to be extremely careful. Not all that glitters are gold.
Several clients have approached me, complaining about how they hired scammers parading themselves as SEO agencies for law firms. They wasted money and time and almost ruined their reputation due to the quality of content and online representation they got from these scammers.
Please be careful. There are many scammers out there with fancy and attractive websites claiming they can help law firm websites appear in search results within a week or less. Please don’t fall for such scams.
Firstly, no SEO agency can tell you when your website will start appearing in search engine results for targeted keywords. No SEO agency has a special relationship with Google or has the power to influence search ranking. So, if the offer seems too good to be true, run away! You’re most likely dealing with scammers.
Hire an SEO company for law firms and watch your business move in the right direction. Hire an expert who can lay a proper SEO foundation for your law firm online and build on that foundation to bring you long-term success.

6. How Long Will It Take A Law Firm To Start Seeing Results From Your SEO Effort?

Honest attorneys ask this question a lot, and they’re right to do so. However, Google’s algorithm determines the result, though we can influence it to an extent by following best SEO practices.
The state or health of your website will determine how long you have to wait to start seeing results for the SEO effort and investment made. If you have a new website and haven’t done much in the area of SEO, it may take longer to start seeing results. If the website is old and you have done some SEO work, you’ll see results much sooner.
In general, you should start seeing results for the SEO effort within 4-12 months. Rest assured that we will put in more effort daily to ensure you get results sooner. We go the extra mile for every client we work with. That’s in our DNA.

7. Do you target short-tail or long-tail keywords?

We target both. The major focus is finding keywords relevant to your legal practice, one area we excel in.
Keyword research is important in every SEO campaign. These include on-page, off-page, and even local SEO. Your keywords tell Google crawlers what the content on a page is all about and more.

8. Do You Customize Your SEO Services For Law Firms?

Yes, I do. Law Firm SEO Expert isn’t like other SEO agencies that use the same SEO template for every law firm SEO project they handle. I understand that every website differs, and the SEO work done on a website could be more or less.
You’ll get customized law firm SEO services tailored to the specific needs of your business. This is why we always like to engage in SEO audits and planning to help determine what has been done and can be done to make websites succeed online.

Do You Want More Clients To Start Calling Your Phone?

Just say “YES,” and I’ll take it up. I want to attract more clients to your law firm online and offline. How? It’ll improve your website’s search ranking and traffic and build solid brand awareness using several SEO strategies. You can schedule a free consultation today to kick-start a journey to online success. I can’t wait to hear from you!