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About Me!

Have a law firm? Want to improve traffic, ranking and sign more cases? You’re a click away!

Who Am I?

I Am Julhas Alam, A Dedicated SEO Expert

I have been helping firms achieve online success since 2014, and I look forward to helping more businesses in today’s highly competitive digital environment.

I started my SEO journey as a freelancer and decided to establish my own platform (Law Firm SEO Expert). I want to reach out to more law firms and help them achieve their goals without emptying their wallets.
“Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” So, I am ready to go the extra mile to get the desired results for your law firm.

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Keyword Research

Get keywords potential clients use to search for legal professionals online and get found easily.


SEO Optimization

Optimize your website using best SEO practices to make it easier for clients to find you.


Link Building

Build quality backlinks to improve organic traffic and ranking. Earn Google and potential clients’ trust.


Content Strategy

Acquire a strong content marketing plan and quality legal content to establish your website’s authority.

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Why Should You Hire Law Firm SEO Expert?

My Mission Is Clear For All To See!

Tons of SEO agencies and so-called SEO experts keep popping up on the internet daily. These agencies and individuals promise results but give excuses in the end. Enough Is Enough!
It is time to hire a legal SEO expert committed to going the extra mile to get the desired results. Hire an SEO expert that gives results, not excuses!
Achieve results like:

Over 400% increase in organic search ranking.

Over 400% increase in organic traffic & lead generation.

Get more phone calls and close more businesses.

Take Your Law Firm To The Next Level!

I can take your law firm to another level. Your ranking, traffic and online reputation will improve massively. I have helped many businesses online and want to do the same for yours. Listening to my clients talk about getting more online and foot visits, including phone calls, fills my heart with joy.

Avoid SEO agencies and professionals promising to increase your ranking and traffic via search engine optimization overnight. With SEO, it can take several weeks or months to start getting results.

I can’t promise results overnight. But I’ll go the extra mile and stick around until you succeed online.

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Work with a Dedicated SEO Company


Hire A Dedicated Law Firm SEO Expert

Is your law firm new online? Are you looking to scale your business? Do you want to generate more leads? If yes, connect with me! I’ll show you how I have been helping businesses like yours and how I can help your law firm achieve success online.

Is Law Firm SEO Expert An Agency?

I don’t call Law Firm SEO Expert an agency. I am a consultant and have gained substantial experience working as one for over two decades. My passion for SEO and determination to get results are my core strengths. So, I am an SEO consultant and strive for strategic alliances with clients.

Are Law Firm SEO Expert’s Services Expensive?

SEO is a long-term project. In addition, start-up law firms or businesses work with small budgets. This is why I made my law firm’s SEO services affordable. I want new law firms to compete and outrank their competitors without emptying their wallets.

Can I Entrust My Law Firm Website SEO Projects To You?

Of course you can! I have helped several businesses like yours, and gain substantial experience over the years. I create custom SEO strategies for my clients after thoroughly auditing their websites. This allows me to focus on the essential things and deliver desired results.

Do You Work For Law Firms In A Specific Country?

I provide professional SEO services to businesses across the globe. Most of my clients have come from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. I am ready to work with serious clients from any part of the world.

Ready to Boost Your Firm’s Online Presence?

Let’s discuss how our expert law firm SEO services can help you attract more clients, improve your search rankings, and grow your business. Schedule a free consultation today to get started on the path to online success. We’re here to help you stand out in the digital landscape and drive results for your law firm.