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Affordable SEO For Law Firms | Increase Your Caseloads with SEO | Rank Higher & Increase Your Caseloads with SEO

Get affordable SEO for law firms to improve your site’s ranking and organic traffic. Create brand awareness in your location and increase your caseloads without breaking the bank. I took this bold decision to make the price of my law firm SEO services affordable because I want to help you grow and generate better ROI. You won’t find rates and commitment I’ll show towards your project anywhere. 

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Budget-Friendly Lawyer SEO Services | Get Results, Not Excuses

Get custom SEO services tailored to help improve your law firm’s online presence and revenue.


SEO Keyword Research

You’ll get keywords prospects in your location use when seeking lawyers to hire online. I use premium keyword research tools & have the experience to identify the best keywords for your SEO campaign.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Affordable On-Page SEO Service

I’ll optimize your website while adhering to SEO best practices to increase your ranking, traffic and online reputation. You’ll start getting more visits to your law firm online and offline.

Authentic Link Building Service

Affordable Backlink Building Service

I’ll get you high-quality and niche-relevant backlinks that will improve your ranking, referral traffic and page authority. You’ll get backlinks from various sources to help you create a healthy backlink profile.

Content Planning & Creation

Affordable Content Planning/Writing

I’ll create a robust yearly content plan for your law firm and populate your site with high-quality, well-researched and optimized content that search engines and users would love. You’ll get relevant content to boost your site’s ranking and traffic.

Las Vegas Local Search Engine Optimization

Affordable Law Firm Local Services

Get the best and most affordable local SEO services for law firms. I’ll use location-based keywords and create professional and well-optimized profiles on relevant directories like Google My Business for your firm. You’ll start appearing in the SERPs of local consumers

Las Vegas SEO Audit & Strategy

Affordable SEO Audit Services

I’ll conduct a detailed competitive analysis and audit your website to uncover areas for improvement and create a custom SEO plan that will improve your traffic and caseloads, whether your practice /location is competitive or not.

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No Excuse Lawyer SEO Consulting | Who Can Get Law Firm SEO Help

I work with every law firm. I don’t discriminate. My focus is to help your law firm grow online. 

Personal Injury Law Firm | Family Law Firm | Immigration Law Firm | Employment Law Firm

Bankruptcy Law Firm | Criminal Defense Law Firm | Real Estate Law Firm | Corporate Law Firm

Insurance Law Firm | Business Litigation Law Firm | Divorce Law Firm | Cryptocurrency Law

Why Is Your Lawyer SEO Services Affordable?

Many law firm SEO agencies charge thousands of dollars per month. Unfortunately, many of these agencies promise results they don’t deliver. 

My services are affordable because I feel for your business. I have family and friends who own businesses. And I understand how they used to spend most of their revenue on SEO. 

My top priority is to help your business grow online and build a solid relationship with you. I want to use my 9+ years of experience to transform law firms that cross paths with me. 

Why Choose My Law Firm SEO Services?

Your presence on this website shows you’re serious about finding a competent and affordable SEO expert for law firms. The good thing is I like working for serious-minded clients like you.


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9+ Years of Industry Expertise

For the past 9+ years, I have been helping law firms achieve success online. I have helped hundreds of businesses and gained massive experience that will benefit your project.


Custom SEO Tactician

Every SEO project is unique. So, using a one-size-fits-all approach won’t yield great results. Instead, I create custom SEO strategies that address the issues and deliver mind-blowing results. A high ROI remains the priority.

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100% Concentration Guaranteed

No SEO agency will work harder than me to improve your law firm’s online presence. That is what I can assure you. I will go the extra mile to ensure I deliver the desired results.

What Clients Are Saying

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping businesses succeed online and reading the feedback from happy clients.

Julhas Alam is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in local SEO. He has been handling my local SEO projects for over a year, and the results have been impressive.

John Smith

Marketing Manager, Legal Solutions

This guy is the real deal. I admire his passion and willingness to go the extra mile for my projects. 9 months on my project, and I’m already recording over a 3,000% increase in leads.

Sarah Johnson

Marketing Partner, Smith & Associates Law

A friend in Florida recommended Alam 2 years ago. He’s the best law firm SEO expert I have ever hired. Website ranking, traffic and phone calls from clients have increased tremendously.

Mark Davis

CEO, Legal Professionals Inc.

How Our Lawyer SEO Services Work

The 4-Step Process To Get Your Law Firm Results.



Establish Contact

I would love to ask you some questions regarding your project and let you choose a package that match your budget.



Execute Custom SEO Plan

I will execute the custom law firm SEO plan while adhering to SEO best practices to boost your chances of appearing in the SERPs of prospects in your location.



Conduct Competitive Analysis/ Site Audit

I’ll conduct competitive analysis and site audit to create a custom SEO plan guaranteed to improve your website ranking & traffic.



SEO Monitoring/Reporting

I’ll monitor your SEO project 24/7 to maximize the results and ensure you get detailed reports of your project occasionally. I’ll manage your SEO campaign satisfactorily while you focus on your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? You can check the FAQs or contact us directly

What is Affordable SEO for law firms?

Firstly, keep in mind that affordable and cheap are two different words. Law Firm SEO Expert offers affordable search engine optimization services for lawyers, not cheap SEO.

Many SEO agencies charge high rates for their services, which is justifiable. For the record, SEO is time-consuming and complex. It requires using several premium tools, which one has to get via paid subscriptions. So, the SEO agencies charging high fees have justifiable reasons.

But Law Firm SEO Expert is different. I see my clients’ businesses as mine and treat them like mine. I want to see my clients grow and acknowledge my good work. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than that.

I can equally charge high fees like other agencies, but I have made my prices competitive because I know SEO isn’t a one-off but a long-term project. I want to encourage businesses, especially startup law firms, to embrace SEO and grow without spending all their revenue on marketing.

How long does SEO take?

No SEO agency can boldly tell you when you’ll start seeing results. However, the results will come as long as you follow SEO best practices and keep making positive efforts to improve your SEO strategies.

Search engine optimization is a process and when you’ll start seeing results depends on various factors. These include the age of your website domain, the amount of SEO work that has already been done on your website, the state of your SEO, backlink profile, and others.

Search engine optimization takes time. It won’t give you results overnight. You need to conduct keyword research, competitive analysis, website audit, create content and wait for Google crawlers to crawl and index your webpage. Additionally, you need to build quality backlinks to boost your website ranking. It can take a few weeks to months before you start seeing the results of your SEO effort.

Note: Avoid law firm SEO agencies that promise to rank your website #1 within a few weeks. No lawyer SEO consulting agency has the power to do such. Instead, Google decides the website it wants to rank #1.

Any SEO agency that promises or guarantees to get you results overnight shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Do I need to sign a contract?

I don’t need to tie my clients down with a contract. It doesn’t make sense to me. If I keep delivering positive results and my clients are happy, they’ll keep using my services.

So, instead of trying to tie clients down, I do everything possible to deliver results. My clients can leave whenever they want, though it’s impossible to resist working with me as my work speaks for itself.

Do you provide SEO reporting?

In addition to providing affordable SEO audit services, I render free month-to-month reporting to my clients. I also make myself available to my clients whenever they need to communicate with me on the progress of their projects. 

So, you’ll get detailed reports about your project every month. You won’t have to ask before the report gets sent to you. 

Is SEO worth it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential online marketing strategy you should take seriously if you own a law firm. The results SEO can give your law firm are massive.
When you start ranking high in the SERPs for your targeted keywords, you’ll get organic traffic. SEO gives you quality traffic comprising people interested in your services. And when done correctly, SEO can give you sustainable traffic.

SEO’s customer acquisition cost (CAC) is lower than that of other marketing strategies. Note that with SEO, you’ll continue getting traffic even when you stop trying for a while. But I don’t encourage you to take your foot off the pedal. Note that your competitors are working hard to outrank you. So, you must continue to work harder to make it impossible for them to displace you on the SERPs.

How do I get my SEO journey started?

It is pretty simple. Establish contact and respond to a few questions. I won’t take your time. Once you have answered the questions, you can choose a package and place an order. Once you have done that, I’ll swing into action.

Choose a package that suits your budget and plan. And note that you can opt-out anytime. I don’t tie clients to long-term contracts, but I am open to working with you long-term. The results will convince you to keep working with me.

Explore Our Additional SEO Solutions

Affordable SEO for law firms looking to increase their caseloads.

On-Page SEO Optimization

– Metadata Optimization

– Content Audit and Optimization

– Title Tag Optimization

– Image Alt Tag Optimization

– URL Structure Optimization

– Internal Linking Strategy

– Schema Markup Implementation

– Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Link Building and Outreach

– Guest Blogging Outreach

– Local Directory Submissions

– Legal Industry Directories

– Content Syndication

– Law Firm Associations

– Press Release Distribution

– Social Media Profile Linking

– Legal Resource Pages

Content Strategy & Creation

– Blog Post Creation

– Legal Guides and Whitepapers

– Case Studies Development

– FAQ Pages Creation

– Infographics Creation

– Video Content Production

– Newsletter Content Writing

– Social Media Content Creation

Local SEO Optimization

– Google My Business Optimization

– Local Citation Building

– Localized Content Creation

– Online Reviews Management

– Local Keyword Research

– Local Link Building

– Map Pack Optimization

– NAP Consistency Checks

Ready to Elevate Your Law Firm’s Online Presence?

Do this. Use the keyword “law firm in [your city]” and search on Google. Did your website appear in the search results? If no is the answer, then you’re missing business opportunities. With SEO, I can boost your online presence. You’ll start appearing in the SERPs of prospects in your location and get more cases to work on.