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Case Study: Progressive SEO Growth And Triumph For Miller Law Group

Employment Lawyer Raleigh NC


  • Client: Miller Law Group
  • Website: miller*****upnc.com
  • Industry: Legal Services
  • SEO Campaign Start Date: 2019
  • Initial State: Gradual growth with a major boost in early 2021


  • Steadily Increase Online Visibility: Enhance the website’s presence and visibility in search engine results.
  • Grow Organic Traffic Consistently: Achieve a substantial and sustained increase in monthly organic traffic.
  • Rank for Targeted Keywords: Secure high rankings for specific, relevant keywords in the legal domain.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Initial SEO Setup and Optimization:
    • Conducted a thorough audit of the website to identify areas of improvement.
    • Optimized on-site elements, including meta tags, headings, and content relevance.
  • Keyword Research and Content Strategy:
    • Focused on relevant keywords like “employment lawyers Raleigh NC,” “civil rights attorney NC,” and “labor lawyer Raleigh NC.”
    • Developed a content plan to incorporate these keywords meaningfully and informatively.
  • Technical SEO Enhancements:
    • Improved website speed, mobile responsiveness, and user experience.
    • Addressed technical issues to ensure better crawlability and indexation.
  • Link Building and Local SEO:
    • Implemented a targeted link-building strategy to establish authority and relevance.
    • Enhanced local SEO efforts to improve visibility in North Carolina-specific searches.
  • Performance Monitoring and Adjustment:
    • Regularly monitored the site’s performance using analytics tools.
    • Adjusted strategies based on data insights and changing SEO trends.


Ahrefs Results-5
  • Remarkable Traffic Growth:
    • Experienced a significant boost in traffic in early 2021, reaching around 9,000 monthly visitors.
    • Continued to see steady growth in traffic thereafter.
  • Keyword Ranking Success:
    • Achieved high rankings for targeted keywords in the legal industry.
    • Enhanced visibility in both local and broader search queries.
  • Client Satisfaction and Business Growth:
    • The client reported high satisfaction with the SEO outcomes.
    • The increased online presence and traffic translated into more client inquiries and business growth.


The SEO campaign for Miller Law Group exemplifies a successful long-term strategy that combines technical optimization, targeted content, and continuous performance monitoring. Starting with a gradual growth trajectory, the website witnessed a significant traffic boost in early 2021, reflecting the cumulative impact of the SEO efforts. This case study highlights how sustained and strategic SEO work can lead to substantial and lasting improvements in online visibility and business performance.


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