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Case Study: SEO Recovery And Success For Hickman Family Lawyers

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  • Client: Hickman Family Lawyers
  • Website: hickm*********awyers.com.au
  • Industry: Legal Services
  • Challenge Faced: Significant drop in traffic due to a Google algorithm update in February 2021

Background and Challenge

In February 2021, Hickman Family Lawyers’ website experienced a drastic decline in organic traffic due to a Google algorithm update. This update targeted specific SEO factors that negatively impacted the website, causing it to lose its previously strong search engine visibility.


  • Identify and Rectify SEO Issues: Quickly diagnose and address the factors causing the decline in search rankings.
  • Restore Website Traffic: Recover lost traffic and surpass previous traffic levels.
  • Enhance Business Outcomes: Use increased traffic to generate more leads and boost business.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Comprehensive SEO Audit:
    • Conducted an in-depth analysis to identify the issues triggered by the Google update.
    • Focused on both on-page and off-page SEO elements.
  • Content and Keyword Optimization:
    • Revised website content to align with updated SEO best practices.
    • Improved keyword targeting to cater to more relevant and high-intent queries.
  • Technical SEO Adjustments:
    • Resolved technical issues like site speed, mobile responsiveness, and crawl errors.
    • Ensured the website adhered to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Backlink Profile Clean-up:
    • Analyzed and disavowed toxic or low-quality backlinks.
    • Implemented a strategy for acquiring high-quality, relevant backlinks.
  • User Experience (UX) Enhancement:
    • Improved the website’s navigation and user interface.
    • Ensured a better user experience to reduce bounce rates and increase engagement.
  • Regular Monitoring and Adjustments:
    • Closely monitored the website’s performance post-recovery.
    • Made ongoing adjustments based on analytics and search engine updates.


Ahrefs Results-2
  • Traffic Recovery and Growth:
    • By August 2021, the website began to regain and subsequently exceed its previous traffic levels.
    • The site consistently attracted around 2,000 visitors per month.
  • Business Impact:
    • This revitalized traffic flow significantly boosted lead generation.
    • Hickman Family Lawyers experienced a notable increase in business inquiries and client engagement.
  • Sustained SEO Health:
    • Maintained improved search rankings due to ongoing SEO efforts.
    • Established a resilient online presence against future algorithm updates.


The SEO recovery for Hickman Family Lawyers stands as a testament to the importance of adaptable and resilient SEO strategies in the face of search engine updates. The comprehensive approach to identifying issues, rectifying them, and continuous monitoring led to a successful turnaround. This case study demonstrates the critical role of SEO in not only recovering lost online visibility but also in driving tangible business growth.


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